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Roulette Tables and Strategies

Sit at the best roulette table in the casino which meets your demands.

In a major casino, there can be over a dozen roulette tables to choose from and this presents certain concerns as well as strategies which can help certain types of players make the most out of the best tables. While the game is pretty much the same, a large number of tables can indicate that the casino features different variants of roulette and it might not be a bad idea to check them out before choosing a table at which to play for a couple of hours.

Roulette variants tables

If the casino does offer the three major roulette versions, it is recommended to go for the one with the lowest house edge. The American version is easily recognizable as it has two green pockets on the wheel. These also make for a higher edge than the standard European version which only has one green pocket. Lastly, some casinos can offer one of two rules for French roulette which will help lower the losses on even bets when the ball lands in the zero slot. These tables are usually marked accordingly.

Roulette limits tables

More roulette tables also means that the casino is offering different betting limits. This is where bankroll management strategies come in since it can be a very bad idea to play on a table which you cannot afford. While high roller roulette may seem exciting with the potential to win tens of thousands of dollars on a single spin, odds are that you will go through your bankroll in just a few spins and have to leave if you don’t have the right amount to play at these limits.

The general rule for playing roulette is that the total on inside bets should not exceed 2% of the bankroll while outside bets can have wagers of up to 10% given the they have better odds. For straight bets, anything more than 2% is too risky in the long run.

Crowded roulette tables

Something which is not an issue when playing online is that roulette tables in a casino are often times crowded. The other players can make for a fun experience but they also tend to encourage you to bet more than you would otherwise be comfortable with. It is important to think before placing a bet.