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The French Roulette

Get half of your bet back instead of losing it all!

French roulette may not be as popular as the European or the American versions, but it is easily the best one for players since it has a ridiculous low house edge. Basically, this version is exactly like European roulette with one additional feature. Some casinos offer “La Partage” for French roulette, while others prefer “En Prison”. This is normally specified on the table so that players know what they are playing.

French roulette with a La Partage rule will give back half of all outside bets if the ball stops in the green zero pocket. Outside bets provide better odds and these are the wagers placed on the color of the pocket, the number being even or odd and on large groups of numbers. The payout rates are calculated based on probability after eliminating the green pocket from the equation. So if you place a bet on black, you can expect a 1:1 payout if the ball stops on a black number. However, if the ball stops in a red or in the green pocket, the bet is lost in a standard roulette game. The La Partage rule makes it better for the player as it will give back half of the bet if the outcome is zero.

The En Prison rule basically has the same goal but works in a different way. If the ball stops on 0, all outside bets are frozen and will remain on the table for another spin. If this time the bet is successful, you will get back the amount you wagered with no additional winnings.

With either of the two rules, the house edge for French roulette is only 1.35%. This makes it the most profitable roulette variant in the long term and it also adds even more excitement into the mix.