The Gods’ Age Playtech’s Roulette is based on Greek mythology. The wheels, numbers, and paytables depict Greek gods and goddesses such Hercules, Aphrodite, Zeus, and Poseidon. This betting innovation features European Roulette. So, the wheel has 36 numbers and a single zero. The purple pocket has the game’s logo for the progressive jackpot round. Here, players will find a standard roulette configuration.

Playtech is regarded as the leading developer of franchise games, particularly slots. And in a typical competitive fashion, this provider has chosen to compete against itself. Age of the Gods Roulette has joined the Age of the Gods slot series. It’s a bold move for Playtech and a creative way to merge an already established franchise into a new game. If this isn’t linked sales, I don’t know what is!

Features and Gameplay

Age of the Gods at online casino delivers a comfortable playing and gaming experience. There is a racetrack for exotic call bets like Voisins du Zero, Orphelins, etc. The purple pocket with the game’s emblem resembles the double zero in American Roulette. The star icon saves roughly four betting combinations. This is for individuals who enjoy trying out new combinations.

Age of the Gods Roulette mobile is also available to play online or download.

Age of Gods Roulette FAQ

Even seasoned roulette players like to confirm their strategy before approaching the simulated wheel and table. Maybe you want to warm up with a few practise rounds before going all in with real money. Whatever your mood, you can relax knowing that you can try out the Age of the Gods Roulette demo right now. Because it is a jackpot game, many online casinos do not offer practise mode. However, free Age of the Gods Roulette online is available for your gaming pleasure.

What is Age of Gods Roulette?

The Age of Gods roulette game has certain unique features and betting choices that set it apart from other roulette games. Examine its paytable and wagering possibilities carefully – they are extremely intriguing!

Age of Gods Roulette

Like other roulette variations, Age of Gods Roulette offers fantastic betting chances and may be a lot of fun. But, as always, we suggest our readers to first try the Age of Gods Roulette sample.

Ways to Win in Age of Gods Roulette

Knowing the Age of Gods Roulette bets and features inside and out will let you design your own strategy for the progressive jackpot. You don’t want to lose out on the £100,000 reward, so good luck!

Age of Gods Roulette:

The game’s rules are standard, therefore it’s not a matter of “how” but “where”. Choosing the best roulette casino for Age of Gods is very important, therefore here is our top roulette casino with loads of extra features!

Roulite en ligne is un jeu à forte fréquence. You’ll be through a dozen rounds in no time.
A game like this is best played on automatic. Choose the amount of spins you wish and relax.

This online roulette table has a theoretical maximum RTP of 95.73 and a theoretical minimum RTP of 94.74. The odds for each bet are as follows:

  • Straight up: 35/1
  • Split: 17/1
  • Street: 11/1
  • Corner: 8/1
  • Dozen: 2/1
  • Column: 2/1
  • Low/high: even odds (1/1)
  • Red/black: even odds (1/1)
  • Even/odd: even odds (1/1)

Every seasoned roulette player has their own approach for beating the house. Remember that these traditional casino games are usually rigged to give the house a little edge – the zero on the wheel gives the house a 2.7 per cent edge. AoG Jackpot:

The Big One

Ages of the Gods Roulette is unlike other roulette games in that it contains a progressive jackpot side game.

Our Progressive Jackpot Game is linked to all Age of the Gods and Marvel games. The Jackpot Game is provided randomly and is not reliant on the regular roulette game-winning.

A mysterious trigger allows players to play and win 1 of 4 Age of the Gods progressive jackpots on every spin – even a losing one. Players now have a clearer, more appealing jackpot prospect, while technical improvements allow operators to offer the game in Italy for the first time.

A progressive jackpot is funded by a small percentage of each player’s wagers across all games related to it. The money is supposed to increase until it is won by a player. If a jackpot is won twice in a row, the casino provides a base amount to keep the prize substantial.

The Jackpot Game guarantees one of four Progressive Jackpots: Power, Extra Power, Super Power, or Ultimate Power. With Age of the Gods Roulette for real money, the jackpots appear at the top of the screen.


This Playtech online roulette table is a nice departure from the usual roulette table style. Plus, the European Roulette style game has a progressive jackpot side game that adds to the winning potential. If that doesn’t make it divine, we don’t know what does!

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