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Online Roulette Wagering Tips

Easy-to-follow betting tips for playing roulette on the internet.

Online roulette is meant to be as much as the real thing as possible and this means that the same wagering tips apply. However, given that a good part of online casinos offer free money to reward their players, there are some additional tips which should make for a more profitable session on the internet.

Know the betting options

We can’t talk about wagering in roulette before you know the betting options available. It is recommended that you check out a detailed guide to the betting table and how it works before playing the game. Online casinos also allow players to enjoy the game for free and this is a great way of learning the ropes.

Go for outside bets

As any game, the goal should be to have fun while aiming at making some extra money. Although inside bets have better payouts and are more attractive to gamblers, the outside bets on a roulette table provide better odds. On an even bet, every win will keep you in the game for another spin and since there is a very good chance of winning, it is a great wagering tip for longer sessions.

Use the bonus money

It is very likely that you will get a bonus when you make a deposit with a premium online casino and it is recommended to use this amount as it is your actual money. Don’t waste it on long shots and just use the boost in bankroll to play more and win more. Loyalty programs can keep track of the amount of bets you place and award comp points in exchange. This isn’t based on the actual outcome of the wager and provides a way to get some extra cash.

Don’t bet everything on one spin

Players can get frustrated and make the rash decision to just put everything they have left on the table and let the wheel spin. These moves are not recommended since it is the fastest way to go bust and thus increase the frustration level even further. Steady wins on even bets is the best way of coming back from a losing streak.