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The Mini Roulette Game

The little wheel has just gotten smaller!

Roulette is fun and highly entertaining but the mini version is even better since it offers the same level of excitement but in a smaller form. It is quite refreshing to play mini roulette and the game has been gaining a lot of ground across online casinos as players are curious to try it out and quickly fall in love with it.

Mini roulette is based on the European version but comes with fewer numbers. This of course also means better chances of getting it right and the smaller wheel also makes it easier to keep track of the bets.

There are 13 numbers on the wheel as opposed to 37. The same concept from the regular version applies as the numbers are arranged in a certain order and are alternating between red and black, with the exception of the green 0 slot. The betting area also has inside and outside bets but it is now much smaller given the fewer pockets on the wheel. Basically, mini roulette is three times smaller than the European version as there are 6 red slots and 6 black ones.

Mini roulette bets and odds

All the standard bet types are found on mini roulette. Players can wager on a certain number, a group of numbers which are located next to each other, on black or red, on odd or even and so on.

The payouts are determined in the same way but the less possible outcomes make for a higher house edge. Getting a bet right on black will have a payout of 1:1. Since only 6 numbers out of 13 are covered with the bet and 7 of them make for a loss, the probability is 46.2% and the house edge is 7.69%; slightly higher than American roulette. A bet on a single number, also known as a straight bet, pays out 11:1.

Mini roulette is almost exclusively found at online casinos since there aren’t many brick and mortar casinos which offer this specialty games given the fact that it requires a different setup from the standard versions.

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