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Roulette VIP and High Rollers

Putting thousands of dollars on a spin for some huge payouts.

Roulette has been played for centuries all over the world and despite the fact that the standard version offers a variety of betting limits, high rollers generally prefer special versions which have much higher limits. These allow VIP customers to put thousands of dollars on the table for one spin and are generally found in a special section of the casino. Online casinos can also provide high limit roulette, although they can sometimes only be made available after large deposits.

High limits generally mean four-figure bets, although some casinos can take it one step further and allow for tens of thousands in wagers, especially if the player is a regular big spender.

A favorite among high rollers

Roulette is often times seen as a favorite among high rollers because it offers the possibility to change the type of bets as well as the odds with every spin. The player can simply bet on black one time and then just bet on a single number for the next spin based on a hunch. This offers a lot of freedom and on a straight bet of $1,000, the payout is $35,000.

The game is also one that can be played with other people at the table. A high roller bet can be very impressive, especially given the fact that the big chips in a casino normally have a special design.

High rollers also attract VIP benefits. The casino manager is always on the floor and checking out the players in order to offer them rewards. If he sees a player spending thousands on every spin while playing roulette, he will most likely offer free meals, drinks, hotel rooms and other perks as a way of showing appreciation and making sure the player is happy. This is also available while playing online, although the rewards are granted automatically as part of the loyalty program.

Playing for big amounts at a good online casino will mean a lot of comp points, which in turn make for a higher level within the program. Being a VIP player can mean a variety of benefits and rewards which make the experience more enjoyable and also more profitable.