Roulette is simple. You bet on a number or section of numbers, and a spinning wheel decides. This concept has attracted gamblers for years. Roulette has existed in its current form since 1796 and isn’t the hottest gambling game. If you like roulette, you may want to mix it up. You have many options. Online roulette gaming has advantages over land-based casinos. It can be programmed to play unique, if not weird, games. I’ll cover some odd roulette variations. Most of these are only in online casinos, but a few are in land-based ones.

Good Roulette Games

Multiple roulette wheels? Or a game with spinning balls?

If you’ve ever had similar thoughts, you’ll like these games.

1 – Multi-Wheel Roulette

One wheel is required for roulette. Before online casinos, nobody imagined a multi-wheel table. Modern technology allows for multi-wheel roulette. This game’s components are:

  • 8-wheel action.
  • £1 is bet on four different wheels.
  • Each type of bet is placed on all active wheels (red/black on six).
  • Each wheel is unique.

2 – Double Action Roulette

Double Action roulette is a land-based or online casino game. Its wheel is unique.

Wheel features:

  • Wheel number track (just like with regular roulette).
  • Inner numbered track on wheel.
  • Outer and inner bets have separate areas.

Double Action roulette lets you bet on two games. If your outer bet fails, try your inner bet, or vice versa.

3 – Multi-Ball Roulette

  1. Multi-ball roulette uses multiple balls per spin. It’s the most exciting game at real money online casinos.
  2. This variation can use 10 balls. Different-colored balls prevent confusion.
  3. Multi-ball roulette begins like other variations. After placing your chips, you press the spin button.
  4. Once the wheel starts, all balls are released. Ten balls yield 10 different results.

4 – Pinball Roulette

Pinball roulette is a unique online game. It’s unlike roulette or pinball.

Normal rounds begin. When you’re ready, you place your chips on the board.

Next, you’ll see a screen with these options:

  1. Pinball section (minus the flippers).
  2. Numbered track located at the bottom.
  3. 15 to 20 numbers are visible.
  4. The numbered track rotates to fill all pockets.
  5. You hit the pinball.
  6. It bounces off bumpers and into a pocket below.

Without flippers, this game lacks skill. Enjoy shooting the ball and watching it land in a pocket.

5 – Mini Roulette

Mini roulette can be played online and live, like Double Action. It has a 13-number wheel, 0 to 12. American and European wheels have 38 and 37 numbers.

Mini roulette has a different-looking wheel than regular roulette. The house edge is high. Without la partage, mini roulette has a 7.69% house edge. La partage returns half even-money bets on zero. The percentage reduces the house edge to 3.85%. Compared to Europe, these odds aren’t great (2.70 percent house advantage).

Always play free roulette first

Roulette has many odd and interesting variations. If you’re bored with the classic, try one of these. If so, check for a free online version. You shouldn’t gamble on something you don’t like. Every online casino offers free games. The goal is to let you try games so you’ll deposit. You might deposit at a casino. You can try unique roulette games. Simply sign up. You can play free roulette after registering.

Why Do Casinos Add Roulette Variants?

Since the late 1700s, casinos have offered roulette. This longevity gives roulette a unique historic mystique.

This game feels dated compared to newer video slots. Both online and land-based casinos recognize industry innovation. They can’t stand by while competitors offer better games.