A roulette wheel is a rotating disk with divisions that revolves around a bowl. The bowl is spun with a ball until it lands in one of the divisions. The numbered divisions on the wheel alternate between red and black. Division 0 is also green. Because only American tables have a second green division marked 00, American Roulette is a poorer financial bet than European Roulette.

People place chips on a betting mat and bet on which number will come up, with the location of the chips indicating the bet. Even in English-speaking areas, the French terms for the betting area are used on a traditional roulette table. Most tables in the United States use English terms and a different mat. Roulette Royale has several advantages over standard roulette. The benefits of the game may entice you to go after the jackpot.

The Big Winners

European roulette has large payouts. Single-digit bets pay 35:1. Unless you bet £100 per round, this 35:1 payout isn’t life-changing. Roulette Royale allows you to win big regardless of the size of your bet. The minimum jackpot is £60,000.00. This progressive jackpot is approaching six figures.

In fixed jackpots, you can win 15x, 200x, or 3,000x your bet. More money wagered equals larger prizes.

Roulette Royale for Sale

The low stakes in Roulette Royale imply large jackpots. You must place a £1 minimum bet and a £1 side bet. Regular bets can be more dangerous. This raises the fixed jackpot payouts. You cannot put more than £2 at risk. Minimum bets are recommended due to the low RTP.


The basic variations are American, European, and French roulette. The only difference between these games is the wheel and/or the rules. The Royale variant is one-of-a-kind. There are four jackpots available, one of which is progressive.

Downsides of Roulette Royale

This game is entertaining. In these ways, Roulette Royale could improve.


You are unlikely to play immediately after the jackpot is seeded. A 63 percent RTP is easily avoidable. When the jackpot reaches £100,000 or £200,000, your chances of winning remain good. The odds of winning the progressive jackpot are 1 in 1,874,161. The £760,501 break-even point provides a 100 percent RTP. In theory, you’d benefit. The jackpot in Roulette Royale has never surpassed £440,353. The break-even point is unthinkable until then.

Jackpots Aren’t Spectacular

Royale provides the opportunity to win big. You will not win as much as in the top jackpot slots. A half-million dollar jackpot has never been won in this game. The largest jackpot in online slots is £5 million (Shopping Spree). You wouldn’t moan if you won £400,000 on Roulette Royale. In most countries, this is insufficient to allow you to retire early.

Unavailable Jackpot Bet

Roulette Royale is not intended for casual bettors on red/black, high/low, and so on. Instead, the jackpot is important. A £1 side bet and a minimum standard bet are required. Mandatory wager with a low RTP You’re most likely only interested in the jackpots. There are no side bet spins either.