Multi-wheel roulette uses the same rules and layout as European roulette, but you can play up to 8 wheels at simultaneously. Because there is only one betting table, your wager applies to all roulette wheels, increasing your odds.

With multi-wheel roulette, you can win large many times per bet. Because your wager covers all active games, you’re effectively betting eight times as much as you would on a single game. This means you can quickly lose your cash, so set limitations before playing multi-wheel roulette and stick to them.

In Multi Wheel Roulette, you bet on the result of not one, but 8 roulette wheels at once, as the name implies. You can choose which one to use for each spin. The roulette table is the only one, therefore you can’t bet on each individual wheel where you place one bet on all the active wheels. Now collect your earnings from every wheel. If you wager on Black and 4 of the 8 wheel spins come in black numbers, you will receive all four rewards at once.

Multi Wheel Roulette uses many of the same the principles of European Roulette, which means the house edge is low and the RTP is high. You can put inside/outside bets, as well as called and final bets. Favourite Bets allows you to save up to four bets for quick access.

What are the Multi Wheel Roulette Rules?

The game synopsis will show you that this version is distinct from the others due to its unique gameplay elements. Despite having similar rules to European Roulette, Multi-Wheel Roulette has numerous unique features that make it a fun way to gamble.

Win in Multi-Wheel Roulette!

It’s impossible to predict the winning strategy because it’s a game of chance. However, many of the Multi-Wheel Roulette features are unique, allowing you to devise tactics that can offer you an edge when playing.

What is Multi-Wheel Roulette?

Placing bets at Multi Wheel Roulette is similar to other real money online variations. The game’s key feature is that you can gamble on up to eight wheels at once. But this multiplies the bet, so watch your bankroll. Also, read our game review to learn more about Multi Wheel Roulette Rules and Features.


Your Multi Wheel Roulette method should be similar to your 3 Wheel Roulette strategy. You can still play the game normally, but with six wheels, you should take use of the multiplier. Each result is autonomous, so you can win one wheel and lose another. As a result, wagers on one or two numbers will always result in losses. But if you’re lucky enough to get one of those numbers, you’ll be rich. In these circumstances, the casino still has the advantage.

When it comes to even bets, six wheels are significantly more likely to win. Of course, the rewards will be lesser, but as you play more, you will find a balance between the huge and tiny that you can exploit. By default, all six roulette wheels are active, but you can deselect part of them before putting your bets. You can play if one wheel is functioning. Conclusion

Is there anything better than a thrilling game of roulette? Sure, there are better things, but is there anything better in the gambling world? Yes! Of course, playing six wheels at once!

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