If you enjoy roulette and want to spice up your online gambling, check out Lucky Star Roulette. The design quality is comparable to Playtech’s Spreadbet roulette, but that’s about it. The Lucky Star Roulette wheel is in the centre of the screen, with the betting board to the left. Like roulette, the goal is to predict where the ball will land on the wheel.

The roulette wheel is divided into a series of numbers from 1 to 8. You can wager on the number, colour, odd or even, and other combinations. In a pentagram-shaped box, this game transports you to the Far East while being simple to play and unique. Imagine a cross between roulette and Go.


Lucky Star is a roulette-style game where the wheel is a five-pointed star and the ball is an illuminated cursor. An individual number 1-8, odd or even, high or low, red, green or blue as the winning colour, and in which of five sectors of the board the winner appears are all possible bets in the Lucky Star casino game.

As implied by the name, Lucky Star Roulette’s play wheel is not the usual round wheel. Against the green baize, the wheel is a wooden star. The different bets with red, black, odd and even, and green, are on the outside of the star board’s spokes.

Roulette Lucky Star

The game’s theme is oriental, with Chinese characters and a classic wooden play wheel. The rate of play is intriguing enough without becoming frantic. The overall design of the betting area gives this Win Systems Chinese Roulette game a run for its money!

Expect some jangly electronic sounds.

Making a Bet: Because this is a virtual game, the wager amount choices can be changed up and down to accept wagers from 50p to £500. To place a bet, simply click the desired area on the betting mat, then select the desired amount on the dial. Above the bet choices is the tracker which only records your winning numbers.

Lucky Star Roulette

Now that you know the basics of the game, let’s look at the different types of bets and their odds of winning.

Green – The gaming board has only five green numbers. So the chances of seeing one are slim. This suggests you have better odds than red/black. This bet pays 8.7/1.

  • If the light is red or black, it is more likely than a green number to stop. So these two colours are 2.2/1.
  • Given that there are only eight digits on the board, odd and even odds differ. Odds of getting an odd number are 1.75/1.
  • Even – Due to the game’s design, odd and even numbers have distinct probabilities. Odds of an even number are 2.4/1.
  • A Lucky Star roulette board has two zeros. This is not the customary single zero found in European and French roulette. A zero pays 22/1.
  • One – There are five one’s. If you obtain one, you get 4.35/1.
  • Two-Seven – The numbers 2-7 are rare. These bets will all pay 8.7/1.
  • Eight – Big odds if you bet on the number eight. You earn 14.5/1 odds.

Betting on Lucky Star Roullete

Once you understand the Luck Star roulette setup, you will wonder what Lucky Star roulette betting is all about. After the bets are put, a light glides around the star, stopping at the winning number. Numbers 1-7 are clearly repeated, so the light will travel through and possibly stop on them more often. Each nine-number line from tip to tip is also linked to a Chinese symbol, so a winning number on that line is also a winning symbol bet.


Simply place your bet and press the huge “Bet” button to start playing Lucky Star. May luck be with you. Lucky Star Roulette has a lot to offer players looking for a new roulette challenge or wanting to discover how the game may be made to feel completely new.

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