Double Action Roulette was introduced in 2011 by TCS JOHN HUXLEY. As a live roulette game at web-based casinos, it was modified to a virtual game in partnership with Mazooma Interactive Games.

The virtual roulette was discontinued, and now only a few casinos offer the live version.

Double Action Roulette’s developer had the brilliant notion of bringing a brand new casino classic to roulette aficionados. Since the game was only offered at the M Resort in Las Vegas, International Game Technology opted to launch their own licenced online version at Sky Casino.

Because the game couldn’t find a home in a land-based casino, it was removed from Sky Casino’s table game selection.

This fascinating game provides players two winning numbers with every spin of the roulette wheel. This is feasible because the roulette wheel has two sets of numbers, an inner and outer ring, arranged in opposing order. When the ball settles into a pocket, two numbers will win on each attempt. The digits 1 to 36 are alternately red and black, while the zero is green.

The Betting Layout Distinguishes Double Action Roulette From Other Roulette Games

The table has two similar betting sections, one for the outside ring of numbers and the other for the inside ring of numbers. Instead of the usual 3 by 12 grid, both betting sections contain a 6 by 6 grid of numbers. A player can gamble on the inner, outer, or both rings and get standard odds.

Instead of the normal 3 by 12 number grid, Double Action Roulette uses a 6 by 6 area for betting. When betting on a single outcome, the bets and odds are typically the same.

Those seeking fresh betting options and odds can place outside bets with new payouts. Outside bets pay out well on one-zero wheels, but not on double-zero wheels.

Double Action Roulette Basics

As stated previously, Double Action Roulette is based on European roulette, which features 37 pockets, equal numbers of red and black for 1 to 36, plus a green pocket for 0. However, some land-based casino versions of the game include an extra number, 00, which alters the odds and possibilities of winning. Since this variation is unusual, we will concentrate on the single-zero game, its rules, bet kinds, and payouts.

The double-ring wheel and the arrangement are the first things you notice in TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s Double Action Roulette. The new layout alters how players place bets and the sorts of bets available. So when the croupier says “Winning Numbers”, the winning numbers are illuminated on the layout, which makes the game even more exciting. This aids both players and gaming personnel in locating highlighted numbers.

Finally, the payouts reflect the two rings on the wheel, especially when playing on both. The casino that offers this game sets the betting restrictions.


If you want to win at Double Action Roulette, stick to the single-zero version. Overall, avoid placing outside bets like Red/Black, Odd/Even, and High/Low because the house advantage is bigger, especially on the double-zero version of the game.