Foretelling future events and aiding aristocrats and commoners alike in daily decisions were formerly commonplace under astrology’s reign. We no longer take astrology as seriously, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone. Every day, millions of individuals read their daily horoscopes for fun or reference charts to better understand or forecast their future.

Astro Roulette, an online casino game based on the popular casino game, is also based on astrology. This is where you still need to spin the wheels and bet on the outcome, hoping for a lucky break. A new set of symbols based on astrological signs has replaced the familiar numerals and colours.

Game Graphics

Astro Roulette is one example of how 1X2 Network has assured gamers have a great gaming experience. This game will make you consider the stars and your fortunes. This game is identical to European Roulette but with different symbols. It’s like Chinese Roulette, but with a different symbol set. It includes an astrology theme and a soundtrack that will keep you amused as you try to guess where the roulette ball will land. The graphics, on the other hand, are outstanding, making it easy to load and play. This game may be played directly from a web browser without downloading any software. Astro Roulette is mobile compatible, so players can play on the go and still have fun. Astro Roulette is the table game to play if you want a medium to low variance. It will pay out regularly between games. Astro Roulette is suggested for all gamers, new and old.

Astro Roulette, a wheel with star signs instead of numbers. This interesting new spin on a classic game allows customers to gamble on something a little different. What about the stars?

Astro Roulette Gameplay

NASA created Astro Roulette, which isn’t based on American, French, Aries, Taurus, and Capricorn are the zodiac signs used in the game (spring, summer, autumn, and winter). No classic bets here, but it’s still a great game. The good news is that there are numerous bet types. Expect both inside and outside bets. Inside bets are now confined to straight, split, and corner bets. Other options include betting on elements, seasons, lines, or positive/negative symbols.

Most basic roulette variants have a spinning wheel with either 37 or 38 pockets. A wheel with only 13 sections is presented in Astro Roulette, with 12 pockets for each sign of the zodiac calendar and one smaller ‘infinity’ pocket representing the “zero” on a standard roulette table. There are only 12 inside bets indicated by the zodiac symbols on the board of this online roulette game. However, much like any other roulette game, players can put split and corner bets between 2 and 4 squares. The numerous zodiac signs have been arranged according to their traits in the outer bets offered at this roulette game. Whether they symbolise fire, earth, air, or water elements, and whether they are positive or negative. You can also place 2/1 bets on a horizontal line of four symbols. An inside bet can be staked up to 20 credits. Seasonal or elemental outside bets cannot exceed 60 credits, horizontal row bets cannot exceed 75 credits, and positive or negative position bets cannot exceed 100. The table bet maximum is 200 credits. With a minimum bet of 0.25 credits, this is a low limit online roulette game.

Free Astro Roulette

Because the game lacks typical roulette wheel symbols, we highly recommend playing Astro Roulette for free. So you won’t be sidetracked by the game’s odd design when it comes to pay-to-play.

Trying the game for free also ensures that you will enjoy it before paying. Astro Roulette’s simplicity and unusual bet selections may turn off experienced players who are used to other titles with more bonus features.

Choosing a Bet

If you are familiar with roulette, you will recognise some of the game’s wagering possibilities.

  • Straight: This bet allows you to choose any astrological sign. It pays 11-1 odds.
  • Infinity: As the name implies, this bet allows you to wager on one pocket. The stake pays 35-1 odds.
  • A split bet covers two adjacent signs. It pays 5-1 odds.
  • It covers two signs and the infinity pocket. The stake pays 4-1 odds.
  • Seasons: Bet on summer, spring, fall, and winter. The stake pays 3-1 odds.
  • Seasons is a gamble on air, water, fire, and earth. The stake pays 3-1 odds.
  • Rows: This bet covers four signs and pays 2-1.
  • Positive/Negative: Pays even money for winning bets.


This online roulette game is a pleasant departure from the standard European, American, and French varieties of the casino classic. With only 12 inside bets, the game appeals to those who don’t want to mess with intricate spread-bet techniques.

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