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Roulette Table Explained

A large table filled with betting possibilities of various odds.

Roulette is very simple and many players fall in love with it after a few spins. However, the large table with various markings on it can make the game look a bit too complicated at first. Since it is never recommended to play a casino game without fully understanding how it works, it is essential to check out some explanations for the roulette table before jumping in. While there are a lot of things to consider, everything follows an easy pattern and should be very easy to learn.

The first thing which you will most likely notice when checking out the roulette table is the wheel. This is fairly large and it has numbers located on the bottom. Every number has a pocket next to it and while they are not organized in an ascending order, most roulette wheels follow a set pattern for organizing the numbers in order to make for a universal game. The numbers are also given a color, most of which having black or red and being one after the other. The roulette wheel also has a green pocket for 0 and additional green one for 00 if it is the American version.

The slots next to the numbers are meant to catch the small white ball. As the croupier spins the wheel, a small ball is thrown in the opposite direction and it spins on an outside track. They both slow down and lose momentum, which makes the ball land in one of the pockets, thus determining the outcome of the spin. Players are not allowed to touch or interact with the wheel.

The other part of the roulette table is the betting area. This is where players place their bets and where the dealer will award the payouts when needed. All the betting options are laid out on the table as boxes. Each box represents a bet as it can either be a number, a group of numbers, a color or a category (odd or even). For the boxes depicting numbers, it is possible to place the chips on the line or common point between them in order to place a bet on a certain group of numbers. These are always arranged in an ascending order, in twelve lines of three. The 0 and the 00 betting options are on top.