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Live Dealer Roulette

The most realistic casino game available on the internet.

Roulette can be played in land-based casinos as well as on the internet and they both bring certain advantages to the table. However, a version which combines the best of both worlds and creates a great gaming experience is live dealer roulette.

Live dealer casino games have become very popular on the internet as they use live video and audio of dealers and authentic casino equipment, along with advanced online software to create a very entertaining option. Basically, players access live dealer roulette from their favorite online casino. The bets are placed through the software which is nicely arranged over the roulette table so that you simply need to click on it to put a wager. The dealer announces when no more bets can be placed and then spins the wheel, throwing the ball to rotate on the designated track. After a few seconds, the ball lands in a pocket and the dealer announces the winning number. The software then quickly takes care of the payouts and clears the table for a new spin.

The croupiers are often times very friendly and will talk to the players at the table, which can respond back and also chat among themselves through the chat box. Most live dealer games feature young beautiful croupiers which have experience in casinos so that the games go without a hitch.

As a player, you can also zoom in and out or change the camera view in order to better see the roulette wheel and the betting area. Standard bets and payouts apply, with European roulette being the most popular but live dealer American roulette can also be found across a great number of online casinos.

It is definitely recommended to check out live dealer roulette as it will surely amaze you over the first few spins.