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How to Manage a Roulette Game

Be in control at all times when playing roulette and avoid big losses.

Managing roulette is all about the long term view. The game is great for a lot of different types of players since it offers a variety of betting options. These also offer the impression that the players are in control every spin as they could have simply placed a wager on the winning number and cashed in the payout.

The truth is that in order to manage a roulette game, you must also manage elements away from the table, such as the bankroll, the chosen betting system and the will power to stick to it.

While losing is part of the game, most players can get very affected by a losing streak and opt to take bigger risks in order to win back their money back plus a profit in one move. The problem is that bets which have large payouts also have small odds and actually taking a bigger risk will result in losing more in most situations.

Keep a clear head

A good way to always remain calm while playing roulette is by having a bankroll deep enough to play out the bad parts and still remain in the game. This also means that you shouldn’t make emotional decisions after a few unsuccessful spins and just keep making the same bets, ideally on the outside section of the table. Keeping a relatively leisurely pace is a great way to avoid getting frustrated since you only bet a small part of your available bankroll and won’t be that upset if you lose it.

Roulette can also be managed by setting limits for both winning and losing. For example, if you are playing with a $100 bankroll and you place $5 on black or red every spin, you can end the session after an hour or when the bankroll fluctuated by 50% one way or the other; whichever comes first.