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European Roulette or American Roulette

Both European and American roulette present great gaming possibilities.

Roulette first became available in France and started becoming popular across Europe in the 18th century. As fans of the game couldn’t get enough of the little wheel, the demand for roulette expanded over the ocean and it quickly became a well-known game in North America. However, the migration over the Atlantic Ocean didn’t go without changes to the popular casino game and so, an American version of roulette was implemented in casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and other gambling hubs across the nation.

European Roulette

This remains the most popular variant of the game and it can also be found in the United States as some casinos offer both versions. The European variant represents the standard as it has 37 pockets on a wheel, each of them being represented by a number from 0 to 37. The 1-36 numbers are either black or red as the two colors alternate between slots on the wheel and 0 is green.

The roulette table also features a betting area where players can place their wagers. This has all the number listed as well as special groups of 12 or 18 with something in common. The payouts are based on the odds of the bet being successful while not taking into account one of the 37 slots, usually the green 0 if it is not involved in the bet. As a result, a straight bet pays 35:1 and an even bet pays 1:1, despite there being 37 possible outcomes. The green zero slot is how roulette gets its house edge, which in the case of the European version is 2.70%.

American Roulette

American roulette basically follows the same rules as the European variant but has 38 pockets on the wheel. The extra one is represented by a green double-zero. This is not taken into account when determining the payouts either so American roulette pays the same as European roulette, despite the addition of another outcome. The house edge is 5.26% as a result.

This version also comes with a small change to the betting area which allows it to include options for 00. As the name would suggest, it is mostly played in North America.

Overall, the European version is better for the player given its lower house advantage but the popularity of American roulette cannot be denied.